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    Selina Parvin

    Selina Parvin ( March 31,1931- December 14, 1971) was a Bangladeshi Journalist. She is one of the intellectual martyrs brutally killed on December 14, immediately before the victory after the 9 month long war of independence of Bangladesh in 1971. This day was later came to be commemorated as the intellectual martyr day. As a journalist she used to work for Weekly Begum, Weekly Lolona and Shilalipi. Selina's father Md Abidur Rahman was a teacher When after World War II her father's house in Feni District was seized, the family had to settle back in village. Then 12 year old Selina was a student in class six and knack in writing poetry and stories. Due to the traditional conservative rural context she had to put an end to her schooling. At the age of 14 she was married against her consent and she denied to live with her husband. She wanted to study further but could not succeed in the matriculation exam. After 10 years they divorced.
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