Music as an Element in Establishing a Destination's Identity

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    Music as an Element in Establishing a Destination's Identity

    This book engages themes which few have had the courage to confront. Chapters 1, 3, 4, 5 and 6 essentially focused on the traditional and folk music tradition of the Pedi society; examining its cultural heritage, acculturative effects, educational values and organizational patterns. Different views about formal and informal learning across the globe and how it affects music education is the concern of the second chapter. The last chapter discusses some concluding thoughts and future directions. This chapter ultimately calls for the recognition of indigenous knowledge systems as valuable assets and sources of information. Of importance, is the fact that this book is written by the owner' of the Pedi musical tradition. My position is that true and objective Pedi musicology can only be developed by Pedi people themselves as no outsider can fully comprehend the meaning of Pedi music than Pedi people themselves. I wish to state categorically here that there is no way the true indigenous African music could be theorized, understood, practiced or taught correctly in contemporary times without those dimensions.
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