The Hidden Years

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    The Hidden Years

    September 1939, troubled young Imogen Lockhart travels to Cornwall by train to deliver two small boys to their prep school, which has been evacuated to Penmartin House for the duration of the war. When she's asked to stay on at the school as temporary cover for the usual matron she readily agrees. After all, it enables her to put off more serious decisions of what to do with her life. But her time at the school turns out to be more complicated than she'd imagined.<br> <br> In 1966, sensitive and musical Belle Patterson is restless. She's finishing her first year at a Midlands university but not enjoying it and is troubled by secrets in her family life. When, after a chance meeting, she falls in love with talented and attractive folk musician Gray Tucker, he easily persuades her to abandon her studies and accompany him to Cornwall, a place that piques her interest because of a particular photograph she's recently found of herself as a baby.<br> <br> On a small commune at Penmartin House near the beautiful Helford estuary she finds life off-grid idyllic at first, the other people creative and interesting, but underlying tensions soon reveal themselves. <br> <br><b>When the conflicts in the commune come to a head, Belle is forced to face some difficult truths. She also comes to see how Imogen's story entwines with her own and unravels the mysteries of her own family.</b><br>
    'A glorious story, The Hidden Years steals your heart. I loved it!' LIZ FENWICK

    Sunday Times bestseller Rachel Hore's captivating new novel of secrets, loss and betrayal - set on the beautiful Cornish coast during World War Two and the heady days of the 1960s.

    When talented musician Gray Robinson persuades Belle to abandon her university studies and follow him to Silverwood, home to an artistic community on the Cornish coast, Belle happily agrees even though they've only just met. She knows she is falling in love, and the thought of spending a carefree summer with Gray is all she can think about.

    But being with Gray isn't the only reason Belle agrees to accompany him to Silverwood.

    Why does the name Silverwood sound so familiar?
    What is its connection to a photo of her as a baby, taken on a nearby beach?
    And who is Imogen Lockhart, a wartime nurse who lived at Silverwood many years ago?

    As the summer months unfold, Belle begins to learn the truth - about secrets from the past that have been kept hidden, but also about the person she wants to be.

    Praise for Rachel Hore's One Moonlit Night

    'Beautifully rich in period detail - an absorbing and touching story' Erica James, Sunday Times bestselling author of Mothers & Daughters

    'Brimming over with everything I love about this author's writing: atmosphere, intrigue, wonderful characters and a beautiful love story. Pure delight to read' Tracy Rees

    'A stunning depiction of life during the war, both for the men who faced death on the battlefields and those left behind in England . . . a compelling and evocative read, brimming with hope, courage and buried secrets.' S Magazine

    'We're in the London of World War II, her house is bombed to bits and husband Philip is missing after Dunkirk. With two small daughters in tow, Maddie seeks refuge at Knyghton, Philip's childhood home . . . In this gripping, detailed, beautifully written drama, Hore brilliantly captures the danger and desperation on both the home and battle fronts.' Daily Mail
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