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Long Island

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Verlag Steidl Bindung Hardcover ISNB / EAN 9783958298903 von Daniel Clarke


Daniel Clarke began creating drawings in 2001 and they continue to be an integral part of his multi-faceted practice alongside the mediums of painting, printmaking and sculpture. Often large in scale, his drawings combine iconography from his life and surroundings with warm abstractions: here are self-portraits, figures and faces; tokens of the everyday, from a ladder, spade and bicycle, to a rocking horse, baseball glove and ball; terrace doors opening onto a view of luminous flora and an evident delight in Matisse. Typically made with a mixture of charcoal, watercolor and pastel, Clarke's drawings shimmer with color; his line vibrates; fore-and backgrounds shift, sometimes interacting with an element of collage, perhaps a map or even the front page of Le Monde. "Long Island" is the most extensive presentation of Clarke's works on paper to date and their first publication in book form.

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