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    Roger Grimau

    Roger Grimau Gragera (born July 14, 1978 in Barcelona, Spain) is a Spanish professional basketball player. He is a 1.96 m tall swingman and currently plays for Bizkaia Bilbao Basket.Grimau quickly moved to continue a family legacy in the world of basketball. Like his father before him, and as his two younger siblings who would follow suit, Roger rose to the ranks as a professional basketball player.At Lleida, he propelled his team to the Spanish ACB League, Spanish basketball's premier division. He was the undoubted star of a young team which won promotion to the league. As well as being named an all-star in their promotion season, he also earned a move to his ast club, FC Barcelona and with it, a call up to the Spanish national team, with whom he won a gold medal at the Mediterranean Games of 2001.
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