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    David Fulker

    Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. David W. Fulker (8 March 1937 - 9 July 1998) was a behavioural geneticist. Among positions of esteem, he was elected president of the Behavior Genetics Association (1982), and was executive editor of the society's journal Behavior Genetics. In honour of this role, the society maintains an annual Fulker Award, for the best paper in the journal each year, and for which the award is "$1000 and a good bottle of wine". In 1970, Fulker and John L. Jinks published a proposal that the biometric genetic approach should be applied to human behaviour. Seemingly a commonplace idea today, this was a landmark paper, and became a citation classic. At the Institute of Psychiatry, Fulker's research established that many behaviours, not only in rodents but also in humans and in such "higher" mental traits as personality and also psychiatric diseases show genetic influences. Producing these results entailed the development of novel analytical approaches, on which Fulker collaborated with John DeFries.
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