THe Effects of Music in the Early Childhood Classroom

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    THe Effects of Music in the Early Childhood Classroom

    Music in Early Childhood Anyone who has been in an early childhood classroom knows that music is an important part of children s lives. Music is not only a part of our culture; it has a biological effect on our minds. While researchers are still studying the specific effects of music on cognitive learning and brain activity, studies have shown that music does have a positive impact. Teachers of young children have an awesome responsibility as they unearth the potential of their students. Many teachers feel inept in teaching music because they believe that they do not sing well enough or do not have enough musical knowledge. This leads them to rely on taped music and to use music as a tool for transitions rather than a cognitive area taught for its own value. Teachers can impart musical concepts to children in developmentally appropriate ways. This book will give early childhood teachers the means to accomplish this goal. This guide will assist teachers as they develop and present developmentally appropriate activities that teach musical concepts.
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