Lingual Orthodontics

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    Lingual Orthodontics

    Correct tooth position is an important factor for esthetics, function and for overall preservation or restoration of dental health. Many individuals would like to have the benefits offered by high-quality orthodontic treatment, but do not want to have braces that are visible to their friends and colleagues. Invisible (lingual) orthodontics represents the only solution that does not impair the patient from an esthetic point of view. Many patients if given the choice opt for an appliance that is not visible, provided the course of treatment and the quality of the results are the same as with a conventional treatment. Lingual orthodontics thus represents the best solution for meeting the needs of patients without the risk of damaging biomechanical efficiency. This service offered in the private orthodontic offices allows the patient several treatment options, and provides the orthodontist with a competitive advantage over colleagues not offering the option of lingual appliances.
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