Inner Horizon

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    Inner Horizon

    What happens when we die? Do we have a choice in the matter or are we only trapped in a cycle of life and death. Does the devil exist? And if he does would he bother to even try and effect the human race? Are all monsters evil? Or are they very much like people some good and some bad? How does the past effect the future? And if so could we ever hope to understand the minds of ancients? Can a fairy die? Do they act like evryone says they do? These questions have been answered. Inner Horizon is a quest into the deepest dreamscapes and nightmare relms. Within this book you will find comedy, vengance, circumstantial victums, and insanity placed into cute forms. Five tales of a universe where reality and fiction reside in the same household, where fantasy and imagination rule. These stories are not for one group of people, however I can assure there is something you'll recognise in my Inner Horizon.
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