The Book of Mormon

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    The Book of Mormon

    The Mormon migration to the American West is unparalleled in United States history. It was a flight from danger to safety by members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints; an exodus from a Babylon of persecution toward a yearned-for Zion. These Bible-loving Saints had also come to love another testament of Jesus Christ: The Book of Mormon. Originally engraved on metal plates, this book was a New World witness of Jesus that complemented the Bible. Published in 1830, The Book of Mormon gave additional proof of the prophetic mission of the book's translator, Joseph Smith. Saturated with doctrinal references to Jesus, The Book of Mormon proved to be the Church's greatest missionary. New converts flowed into the Great Basin to join others who believed in this remarkable paper book translation of writings etched onto ancient metal plates. In two previous books, the author has written about the Latter-day Saint experience in the West. He now examines some of the doctrines of The Book of Mormon, that witness of Jesus Christ that would alter American history, and transform individual lives, including that of the author.
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